Application: Sailing Boat

System interface:  Integrated amplifier with analogue interface

Force sensors in the sport of sailing are mainly for boot trimming.

Objectives for the sailors:

  1. Optimize sail performance
  2. Optimal placement of the anchor points

While optimizing the rigging, there should not be made any changes in the system.

Requirement of the sailors:

  1. No additional
  2. No extension of the rigging
  3. No additional cables

Load pin force measurement meet with these requirements. Existing shackle bolts were replaced by load pin. With the help of a Bluetooth amplifier, the current force levels were wirelessly transfered to a laptop, PDA or Bluetooth-enabled mobile. The sailor get real time information about the applied forces in the ropes. This allows fine tunning of the sails and the optimization of the course. The duration of the battery depends on the customer’s measurement requirements.

Advantages of the sensor system:

  1. Force measurement in real time
  2. No parameter change in the boat and rigging
  3. Easy mounting
  4. Wireless system

Alternative loadpins: