Application: Overhead crane

System interface: External amplifier with analogue interface

Former overhead cranes were equipped with electronic load monitoring. For this, the current was monitored in the drive motor.

Change of engines

With the coming up of engines with power inverter technology this opportuniy of overload surveillance was lost.

Upgrade with loadpin

For adapting the actual constructions of overhead cranes for the needs of force measurement you can use load pins. They could be integrated as an element of construction in the existing hanging or pulley wheel

An option is to integrate the amplifier electronic. It is also possible to preadjust the thresholds. The integrated Scale function brings additional convenience while system configuration. The Scale function gives you the possibility to adjust the rated output (0..10V; 4..20mA) and the threshold by a keypress.


  1. Upgrading without reconstruction
  2. Simple electronic with treshold exit
  3. Control of cable break possible
  4. Redundant construction possible

Alternative loadpins: