Application: Crane

System interface:  Integrated amplifier with analogue interface


Load pin are mainly used in cranes for active protection of man and machine.

Requirements of the crane manufacturer:

  1. Tilting protection
  2. Overload protection
  3. Active stability testing
  4. Redundancy
  5. Current signal

The requirements of the overloadprotection and the tiltprotection can be realized by load pin and an encoder. The control determined the resulting tilt-torque with the values of the angle and the force. For overload protection of cables there are exclusively used the cable force.

The stability test is performed on the four supports of the crane. These supports are equipped with load pin. The control calculates the load distribution of the crane by these four signals,.

Current signals and redundancy are provided by two independent integrated amplifier and an independent sensor wiring. The choice of the signal transmission via current signal enables reliable detection of cable breaks and minimize the vulnerability of the signal to external influences.

Alternative loadpins: