Application: Lift

System interface: Internal amplifier with analog interface

Requirements of the customer:

Generally, the DIN and the machinery guidelines call for the active protection of man and machine. Therefor elevators are equipped with passive and active monitoring systems.

Loadpins suit especially in the field of retrofitting, since they can be directly integrated into the existing structure.

System setup:

The loadpin is integrated into the breakpoint of the rope.  Alternatively it can be mounted in a pulley. The loadpin can be delivered with integrated electronics.

The electronics can be optionally integrated or even pre-set with threshold values. The integrated scale function provides added comfort during system setup. This option provides the setting of the characteristic value and the threshold adaptation via keystroke.


  • Retrofitting without conversion
  • Simple electronics with threshold output
  • Cable break control is possible
  • Redundant version is possible

Alternative loadpins: