Application: Kitesurfing

System interface:  Internal amplifier with analogue interface

The use of force sensors for kitesurfing is mainly practiced in the speed optimization.

Objectives of riders:

  1. Optimizing the bounce heights and forces
  2. Optimal trim of the kite

Requirements of riders:

  1. No additional devices
  2. Hardly changes in the system configuration
  3. No additional cabling

Those requirements get satisfied by the help of loadpins, which are incorporated into the dragline by shackles. A Bluetooth measurement amplifier (GSV-3BT from our partner ME-Meßsysteme GmbH) can transmit the current values wirelessly to a laptop, PDA or a mobile phone with Bluetooth. The helmsman sees the shackle or the rope forces applied in real-time. The duration of the battery depends on the customers requirements.

Advantages of the sensor system:

  • Force measurement in real-time
  • Hardly parameter change in the linesystem
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless system

Alternative loadpins: