Application: Theatre

System interface:  Integrated amplifier with analogue interface

Current theatrical and stage equipment is constantly being expanded and enhanced. Existing facilities such as lifts curtain controls and stage accessories, being expanded or replaced. To fullfill the demands, which are formed by the Technical Inspection Authority, load-monitoring devices are necessary.

Loadpin offer a particularly easy way to retrofit existing systems. For that purpose, the bolts of the pulleys are replaced by suitable loadpins. The loadpin can be manufactured in a simple or in a redundant design. The integrated amplifier is used in current version. The current output signal has the advantage, that on the one hand there is a rated output signal and on the other hand there is a cable break control.

Without load the current signal is at 4 mA, is the nominal load applied the output signal is at 20mA. If there is a broken cable no current can flow, it will return 0 mA. The controller can output a broken cable fault.

Advantages of the loadpin:

  1. Retrofit in existing theater systems
  2. Redundant versions are accepted by Technical Inspection Authorities


  1. Direct mounting in deflexion pulleys
  2. Backdrop control
  3. Load monitoring in lifts

The load monitoring offers maximum security for artists and audience.

Alternative loadpins: