Application: Winch

System interface: Internal amplifier with analog interface


Loadpins are used in the shipbuilding industry maily for active protection of man and machine.

Requirements of the naval architect:

  • Loadbreaking at the winch
  • Overload protection at the winch
  • Stabilization and regulation of rope forces
  • Monitoring of forces at sluggish union
  • Current signal

The requirments of the winch manufacturer or the naval architect to load monitoring of winches are realized by torque support arms. Therefor the standard bolt is exchanged by a loadpin in the torque support arm.

Configuration of loadpin:

The loadpins are preset and optionally provide a current or a voltage signal. There also can be a relay output pre-configured at the factory, which triggers a warning or shutdown.

Offshore and seawater:

The seawater suitability of the loadpin is ensured by suitable materials of the loadpin and its connecting parts. There are both in the shipping sector as well as in the offshore area many years experience in the selection of components.


Current signals and redundancy are ensured by two independent integrated measuring amplifiers and an independent sensor wiring. The choice of signal transmission power signal allows reliable detection of cable breakage and minimizes the susceptibility of the signal to external influences.

Alternative loadpins: