Causes of faults

Because of its robust and simple design, the loadpin needs no maintenance if it is properly assembled. It is guaranteed to continue operating for many years. However, faults may occur as a result of the issues mentioned above.

The most common causes of faults include:

  • Overloading or other mechanical stresses that exceed the limit values of the load pin.
  • Welding operations carried out near to the loadpin
  • Overheating
  • Moisture in the loadpin as a result of sudden temperature fluctuations (washing the load pin using a jet of hot water or a steam cleaner)
  • Chemical effects
  • Connection cable damage

If you´re having trouble with one of our loadpins, please proceed to have a look at the folowing trouble shooting guidlines.

Troubleshooting mV/V (S1) 

Troubleshootimg mA&V (I1, I4, I20, … & U1, U4, U20, …)