Clarification phase (for free)

In the first phase, rough ideas are discussed with help of hand sketches or existing drawings. Furthermore, the force situation and the desired accuracy can be determined. At the same time it is possible to check costs with the help of Loadpin-Calculator.

To develop the optimal loadpin it is necessary to get as much information as possible about the istallation. For your safety it is possible to sign a confidentiality agreement. The hand signed confidentiality agreement will be send by mail or immediately by fax.

Selection phase (for free):

After clarification of mechanical details, the electrical requirements are defined.. The focus here is mainly the output signal. As a basic variant, a passive loadpin with a strain gauge full bridge is used. The basic model can be extended by an integrated amplifier. For this, two versions of amplifiers are available. On the one hand there is an output signal of 0-10 V and the other a current version with an output signal of 4-20 mA. The integrated amplifier is equipped with the functions of Tara and scale.

The Tare function:

Tara comes down the line briefly to the power supply it to reset of the amplifier. That is to 0 V at the voltage variation or 4 mA for the current version.

The Scale function:

Use of the Scale function allows the scaling of the output signal. If a load on the plunger and is simultaneously connected to the scale line to the supply voltage, the output signal scaled to 10 V in voltage variation and 20 mA for the current version.

When using external amplifiers, the following outputs and interfaces available

  • Voltage ±10 V
  • Current 4… 20 mA
  • CAN
  • RS 232
  • USB
  • Bluetooth®
  • GPRS

Furthermore, it is necessary at this stage to clariefy connectors, cable assemblies, parameter adjustment and factory calibration.

Construction phase (for free):

Using the data given by the customer the construction phase starts. A datasheed for the needed loadpin will be generated. The customer receives the data sheet in PDF format and a 3D PDF for approval. If desired, can also be provided a 3D STEP model for integration in 3D CAD program.

Advanced Design Phase:

For special projects, stress calculations according to DIN, preliminary or on-the-spot support can be necessary.

Production phase:

After ordering and approval the loadpin is manufactured according to the selected delivery option (Express or standard). The production data e.g. involved production personell, temperature test, calibration and final inspection can be stored long term in our database.

Optionally, further quality assurance documents can be delivered:

  • Temperature Test
  • Certificate of calibration
  • 31B material witness
  • Doppler ultrasound examination
  • Inspection certificate according to DIN 10204

Of course, we are available 24/7 during time of beginning operation if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. (+49(0)3843/855555).