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To create customized loadpins.

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Standard delivery: up to 40 days

Fast delivery: up to 9 days


  1. The loadpins are manufactured with strain gauges.
  2. The output signal of the loadpin is mV/V, ±10V or 4..20mA.

Note the following:

Necessary information about the loadpin for repairs:

  • cable length
  • rated load (indicated in kN or t)
  • direction of force (marked with arrow)
  • desired cable alignment
  • plug connection and mating connector for testing

It's essential to give an account about the mounting situation. (this acts for optimal calibration)

Prices for 1 Loadpin:

Diameter mV/V 4..20mA ±10V
up to 20mm 340€ 590€
20-40mm 450€ 700€
40-60mm 560€ 810€
60-100mm 650€ 900€
100-150mm 740€ 990€

Please contact us, if more than one loadpin has to be repaired.