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In this area, you can find an overview of the application locations of the loadpins. (For more detailed information, click on the relevant pictures)

  • Crane
    loadpins on a Crane
  • Forklift
    loadpins on a Forklift
  • Truck
    loadpins on a Truck
  • Container-Truck
    loadpins on a Container-Truck
  • Factory crane
    loadpins on a Factory crane
  • Bedside
    loadpins on a Bedside
  • Manure Distributor
    loadpins on a Manure Distributor
  • Man-Carrying platform
    loadpins on a Man-Carrying platform
  • CNC Milling machine
    loadpins on a CNC Milling machine
  • Overhead crane
    loadpins on a Overhead crane
  • Theatre
    loadpins on a Theatre
  • Hydraulic
    loadpins on a Hydraulic cylinder
  • Large Hydraulic Cylinderapplib large hydraulic cylinder
  • Sailing
    loadpins on a Sailing Boat
  • Kitesurfingkitesurfer small loadpin
  • Pneumaticloadpins on a Pneumatic cylinder
  • Material Ropewaymaterial ropeway
  • Winchwinch small
  • Liftlift small